Hello, my name is Jordán Pérez and I was born in Barcelona in 1978.

This website was originally going to be aimed at promoting myself, having a space of mine and mine alone from which to advertise my skills and abilities, either by including the resume or creating a blog.

But one day, in a phase of introspection, I discovered that he was far from the only Jordan Perez in the world, quite the contrary, the planet is full of people called Jordan Perez! And that discovery is what started in 2016 to remove my neurons.

What if the JordanPerez.com website could be something else? The what?

And that's what I'm experiencing, because this, this website, is a social and technological experiment.

As I say, Jordan Perez in the world is full and we are very diverse. Different nationalities, different skin colors, different genders, different languages, different opinions, different political and religious ideas, etc ... diversity can be infinite, but there are 2 things that we all have in common:

  1. we are human beings
  2. we have the same name

Based on these two ideas that place us on a common plane, this project originates.

Is it possible to create a community of people just by name?

With all our differences, could we cooperate to create our own network?

One of my professions is that of ICT Consultant (Information and Communication Technologies) and my proposal is to try it.

The idea is to create a network of knowledge and cooperation between people united by chance, their name and surname.

Thanks for your participation. If you are Jordan Perez you can register from home